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Do you feel heard?

Are you a good listener?

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Feeling heard is imperative for us all for our mental health and wellbeing as well as enjoying better relationships at work and at home. The cause of much anguish and stress is the feeling of not being heard. During a period of enforced silence my listening skills improved immensely. Being a good listener positively impacts all business and personal relationships and is known to increase revenue. By improving communication you help the mental health of everyone which will ultimately help all relationships and in business conversations will increase productivity and revenue.

During my talk, the audience will learn the power of listening with techniques to help them consciously listen more actively, the importance of being heard and techniques to help them ensure they are heard, and a process for aiding effective communication ensuring both parties can speak and be heard.


    • The Importance of feeling heard
    • Listening to increase revenue
    • Listening and feeling heard to improve mental health


  • Would it help you if people listened to you better?
  • Would you purchase from someone not listening to you?
  • Listening has proven to improve productivity, help with our mental health and increase revenue


During this talk you’ll learn the importance of feeling heard, how to listen more actively and consciously and a 4 step process to aid effective communication especially for emotive conversations

Businesses I have worked with…

To hear and see Louise in action delivering some of her After Dinner and After Lunch fun and informative talks please click on the showreel link below.

Showreel on my Listening content coming soon…

Great talk by Louise at RBBC, lots of great ideas on what makes and how to be a good listener.

Emma Newburn

Amazing presentation Louise, many thanks indeed. Made you really stop and think, always a good thing! Will prove very useful in many ways.

Lynne Skinner

Thank you Louise for such an entertaining and insightful presentation. Really enjoyed it.

Peter Baynes

I have just heard 10 minutes of Louise’s online presenting, subject ‘Listening’. It is extremely interesting, I learnt so much from the talk. Louise is very professional and believable and entertaining all in one. I would not hesitate in recommending her for any talk or presentation.

Amanda Duncan

Well done Louise, a great and interesting, but also thought-provoking presentation.

Chris Webb

I absolutely live for these learning lunches that Reigate & Banstead BC, but Louise I have got to say that in my opinion, you did the best presentation to date. I loved that you kept it simple yet informative, You’re very engaging, no surprises though with that voice of yours! I hope you continue to do more.

Glory Rahman-Turner

So do you think improving the well-being and productivity of your staff through ensuring they feel heard benefit your company?

Would listening to clients more, help increase your revenue and customer retention?

If you were heard, how would that change how you feel?

If you’ve answered Yes to any of the above, please do call or email me to see if I can help you and your business.

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